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Aquilla Informer: Issue 2010/24

Business (Key principals of the King III)
Open Source Software (See our Special Turbo Cash offer until 30 June 2010)
Financial Services (Occupational Health Medical for R178.00)

A Bit of a quite week since the Bulls won the Super 14 for the third time. The Springboks also managed to get a win with the B-team in Wales.

In the business section, we are touching on a subject that will change the way businesses do business, and that not many small company owners are aware of. The King III reports key principals. This affects even Churches and Charitable organisations.  Please let us know if you want to know more about this topic, then we will deal with it in detail over the next couple of weeks.
We are thrilled about the positive response from subscribers and clients on  the Occupational Health Medical offer for just R178.00. Most clients are excited to be able to offer their workers some form of medical benefits for the first time in the history of the organisation's at an affordable price. Even more exciting is the employees who is the beneficiaries of the product. Although the solutions only offer affordable Occupational Health benefits to the employee, they are glad that they do not have to sit in queues for hours and end and might loose their jobs because of it. Some employees were so excited when they received their membership cards that they could not contain their tears.
If you have not done so already, please use this opportunity to make use of our special deal on the Open source Turbo Cash Accounting software, running until the end of June 2010.
Thank you for doing business with us. By trusting us to take care of the things you do not have the time for, you can spend your time focused on what you do best, your business.

Please send any questions, concerns or comments to with a relevant subject description on the topic that you might inquire, contribute or have concerns about.

Wynand Louw
Aquilla Group



The King Commission, under the chairmanship of Mervyn King, has recently produced the King III report on issues relating to corporate governance. The requirements incorporated in this report will not be restricted only to corporate South Africa but will now also be required to be followed by charitable and church organisations.

The draft states:

Good governance is essentially about effective leadership. Leaders need to define strategy, provide direction and establish the ethics and values that will influence and guide practices and behaviour with regard to sustainability performance.

Sustainability is the primary moral and economic imperative for the 21st Century, and it is one of the most important sources of both opportunities and risks for businesses. Nature, society, and business are interconnected in complex ways that need to be understood by decision makers.

Innovation, fairness, and collaboration are key aspects of any transition to sustainability – innovation provides new ways of doing things, including profitable responses to sustainability; fairness is vital because social injustice is unsustainable; and collaboration is often a prerequisite for large scale change.

Integrating sustainability and social transformation in a strategic and coherent manner will give rise to greater opportunities, efficiencies, and benefits, for both the company and society, than the fragmented and at times contradictory approach currently adopted by many companies.

King II explicitly required companies to implement the practice of sustainability reporting as a core aspect of corporate governance. Since 2002, sustainability reporting has become a widely accepted practice and South Africa is an emerging market leader in the field (partially due to King II).

However, sustainability reporting is in need of renewal in order to respond to:

The lingering distrust among civil society of the intentions and practices of big business and; Concerns among business decision makers that sustainability reporting is not fulfilling their expectations in a cost effective manner.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will endeavor to go into some of the implications of this new report for yopu and your business. Please let me have your suggestions, comments and implications of this on you and your business. It will be much appreciated.

What you should never do when claiming traveling expenses:
  1. Do not declare that you have traveled  exactly 32 000 km for the tax year. This is and open invitation for a query from SARS, as it indicates that your odometer readings may be inaccurate.
  2. Ensure that your actual odometer reading corresponds more or less with the figures stated on your tax return.

Open Source Software Special until 30 June 2010
For the next month until end of June 2010 we are offering readers the following:

1. A complete, fully functional free accounting system called TurboCash
2. Customised set of books
3. Onsite training in Gauteng (only). I will consider other areas if 3 -5 five business people are willing to combine their training over two days. Contact me for more information.
4. Two hours electronic and telephonic support valid for 6 months
5. Training Manual
6. CD including latest version of TurboCash and other Open source Software.

All of this for a mere R2000.00, which amounts to a saving of R3500.00. If you want to run TurboCash on a network or use it as a Point of Sale (POS) you are welcome to contact us for a free quotation.

For training, information or assistance please contact us on: .

Financial Solutions
We are proud to introduce to our partners a unique offering: OCSACare. This is a low cost product you can introduce as a benefit to your staff and volunteers, with tremendous benefits to your organisation.
It is an occupational health solution designed for the South African labour market to keep employees who were previously excluded from any form of private healthcare, healthy and productive.
OCSACare means:

· Premium, private, day-to-day healthcare through the private medical practitioners of the CareCross Health Group
· A national network of GP’s, Radiologists, Pathologists, Dentists and Optometrists
· Affordable healthcare.
· Quality medical care for staff, close to the work place
· All medication, X-rays, blood tests, standard dentistry and optometry
· Over 2000 doctors, 1800 optometrists and 1800 dentists in the network
· No more queuing at state hospitals and clinics
· Healthier, happier and more loyal work force
· Lower Staff turnover
· Credible sick notes from private doctors
· Lower absenteeism

The Gold Package:
For only R190.00 per employee per month it provides your employees with the option to visit any CareCross Doctor, Dentist or Optometrist without co-payments for these services. This option is available to groups of 10 or more.
The Silver Package:
For only R160.00 per employee per month it provides your employees with the option to visit any CareCross Doctor, without any co-payments for this service. This option is available for individuals and groups fewer than 10.

For more information, contact us on .

Questions and Answers
No Q&A this week.

Thank you for sending in your questions. Please continue so, and we will answer them as best possible in our Q&A section.
Have a great week.
Aquilla Informer Team
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