At the heart of all trauma or incidents, even the COVID-19 pandemic, there is always a financial impact, which could be devastating for the individuals, companies and organisations concerned. This impact affects victims and secondary victims irrespective of their status, race, culture or any other demographic denominator.  

In most cases, it is impossible to make enough provision, and to brace for the impact and the aftermath of trauma.

We started this year with a lot of enthusiasm and hope of what this year will bring. Hoping and praying that 2020 will bring us breakthroughs that was not happening in the past decade. This hope was short lived.

The following relief funds have been made available to date. You will have to study them, and see which ones are relevant to your specific circumstances:

  1. The Department of Small Business development announced a number of interventions for small businesses including a Debt Relief Financing Scheme and Growth Resilience Facility. The COVID-19 interventions measures include: SMME Relief Finance Schemes, Business Growth and Resilience Facility, Restructuring of SEFA-funded loans and Informal Sector address. Register your business online to begin the application process.
  2. The Solidarity Response Fund was one of the first safety nets put in place to aid small businesses and people in need during COVID-19 and the 21 day lockdown. Johann Rupert’s fund, the Sukuma Relief Programme, to which he pledged R1 billion received over 10 000 applications in three days and has since closed for applications.
  3. The South African National Taxi Council (SANTACO) have launched a R3.5 billion COVID-19 relief fund. This fund will compensate workers in the industry.
  4. The Youth Business Relief Fund “will assist youth entrepreneurs from operational costs, paying labour costs, rental”. Apply online here
  5. For people working in the tourism industry, a COVID-19 Tourism Relief Fund has been put in place. Applications are open, apply online here.
  6. Direct funding application links:
  7. Major banks like FNB, Standard bank, Nedbank, Capitec, Investec and Absa have set up payment holidays and relief schemes to assist clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact your bank for more detail on their requirements.  

A summary of all help available is available on:

Aquilla Financial Solutions is available to be of service.