1. Get an Emergency loan :
    • This is last resort, not I want to go on holiday money.
    • This sound drastic if you do not have an income, but if you can get this at a lower fixed interest rate, you will at least be sure that you can pay the essentials like your home loan, medical aid, water and lights, etc.
    • Some of the banks provide Cash flow Relief that is repayable at no charges and prime interest rate. Check with your bank.You have to have a good credit score though and your accounts should be paid up to date.
    • Two warnings:
      • This is a last resort emergency fund and you should live within your means, otherwise you will just worsen your situation and face repossession.You should cut your expenses (PERK)
      • You should not touch this money for anything other than paying rent or bond, food or utilities.
  2. Submit your income tax:
    • If you expect a refund from SARS, submit your tax return as soon as possible. It seems like it would be in June or July this year.

If you have to pay in on your tax return, wait until the last date before submitting preventing additional burden on your already stretched finances.


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