You can let the worries and sleepless nights overwhelm you. You can wreak havoc in your relationships due to the two culprits’ shame and blame or use this opportunity to grow closer to your spouse and children.

  • You do not have to do the expensive activities, focus cheaper alternatives that you can enjoy together like board games for example.
  • If you have children focus on free activities, like doing an art project, do silly play, take a walk around the house, play with the dog, play with the toys on the living room carpet,  or write a fictitious story together.
  • You can do things with you spouse that both of you enjoy. Again it does not have to be expensive. Tell each other what you have learned today, what you have read. Brainstorm new ideas, or even give your spouse a massage. Be creative!
  • Volunteer some time to reach out to people that might be worse off than you might be. There are always someone, reach out to the, encourage them, build them up, and comfort them.  Have empathy not sympathy with them.
  • Communicate with your family, children included. Children are born small, not stupid. They can sense that something is wrong. Talk to them in general terms, not the doom and gloom specifics.
  • If your children (or spouse) are used to get whatever they want, make a savings game. Do the PERK we used yesterday and do the same on their pocket money with their expenses.
  • Make sure that in this process:
    • Do not offload your burden on them
    • Do not Overwhelm them with information
    • Ask them what they know about what is going on, why they have to stay at home.
    • Keep quiet and listen to their concerns. 


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