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Aquilla Financial Solutions(AFS) brings you  BrightRock’s needs-matched product which is the first of its kind in the market. Thanks to a unique product structure and features designed to exactly match your financial needs over time. We provide you and with unrivalled certainty and flexibility. We’ve worked with clinical experts to ensure the claims-definitions are aligned to the best-of-breed definitions in the insurance industry.


And now we’ve gone one step further by creating a product that is specifically tailored to cover your needs as a commercial pilot. As a pilot, you have to complete a medical examination every six months or year, depending on your age, to confirm that you are fit to fly. If you are not fit to fly, you may be grounded temporarily or may even lose your pilot’s licence.

BrightRock’s loss of licence cover provides cover if an illness or injury leaves you unfit to fly

Any commercial pilots, employed by a registered Commercial Airline, for example South African Airways, British Airways, Comair Airways Limited or Kulula regulated by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA), qualifies for BrightRock’s loss of licence cover.


You must:

·         Have a valid Commercial Pilot Licence – Aeroplane (CPL (A)), or an Airline Transport Pilot Licence – Aeroplane (ATPL (A)) for a fixed wing aircraft

·         Have a valid medical examination certificate (class 1 – commercial pilot) as required by the Civil Aviation Regulations Part 67

·         Have an accident-free history

·         Have no medical conditions that could result in you losing your licence

·         Adhere to the rules as set out by the SACAA

·         Fly on main air routes only and use registered airfields, for the only purpose of transporting fare-paying passengers or cargo

·         Be younger than 60 years to qualify for the loss of licence cover.


Applying for your loss of licence cover

To buy the loss of licence product let us know and we will send a simple quotation application form to completed and provide you with an obligation free quotations.  send us an email or contact us for a no obligation quotation


If you meet the above mentioned criteria  you will be classified as a  “Pilot - commercial pilot scheduled airline fare paying passengers (regulated by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA)))” occupation on the BrightRock quoting tool,


We will provide you with a Permanent or Permanent Plus option to cover the loss of licence. You can choose waiting periods of two months or longer, the seven-day and one-month waiting periods are not available.

The reason why we proved the  Permanent Standard or Permanent Plus option, is because the assessment criteria for your pilot’s loss of licence include an occupational assessment, namely the Personal Job Fitness Test.


If you are not interested in the loss of licence product, we can still provide you with the Medical Impairment Standard or Medical Impairment Plus option. The claims criteria for the Medical Impairment Standard or Medical Impairment Plus options are based on medical claims criteria only and do not involve a Personal Job Fitness Test.


The maximum retirement age you can select for your cover is 65.


Your cover will automatically convert

If you take this cover before the age of 55, your Permanent Standard or Permanent Plus cover will be in place until you turn 65. If you take this cover when you are 55 or older, your cover will automatically convert to Medical Impairment Standard or Medical Impairment Plus when you turn 60. This means that you will no longer be covered for the loss of your commercial pilot license and a Personal Job Fitness test will no longer form part of your assessment when you claim at BrightRock. You will however enjoy cover under our Medical Impairment clinical definition set.


When submitting your proposal form to us:

When you accept the quotation we would require you to submit the following information:


·         A copy of your valid Commercial Pilot Licence - Aeroplane (CPL (A)) or your Airline Transport Pilot Licence - Aeroplane (ATPL (A))

·         A copy of your valid medical examination certificate (class 1 – commercial pilot) and

·         A copy of your latest medical examination report and copies of the medical test results, such as an ECG, a lung function test, x-rays and the results of the blood tests. We will accept your electrocardiogram if it has been completed in the past two years.


We may request additional information when we underwrite you

When we underwrite a commercial pilot we will use the medical reports and the test results we received to determine the terms we can offer you. Underwriting is a series of questions and tests we ask for to understand and predict your health risks and help us decide whether or not to insure you. Underwriting allows us to gather information we can use to work out how soon and how much you are likely to claim from your life insurance policy. We can exclude cover, add waiting periods or add premium loadings to your policy to help us manage the risk you present to us. When we receive your proposal form, we will complete full tele-underwriting, as well as our aviation questionnaire and we may send you additional questionnaires based on the answers you’ve given us to the medical questions.


It is important to note that we may request additional information if:

We need additional medical tests based on your age, how much cover you’re applying for or your medical history

You apply for cover that requires financial underwriting. We will ask for financial information, such as a proof of income or a financial questionnaire.


What we don’t cover

Commercial pilots, like motor vehicle drivers, can lose their licence for a variety of reasons. A pilot may lose their licence due to misconduct, incompetency, failure to perform duties or flying while intoxicated. We won’t cover you if you have lost your licence due to any other reason except it being revoked by the SACAA medical board. You will also not be covered if you lose your licence as a result of any of the reasons as listed in BrightRock general exclusion list. You can find the complete list of general exclusions in our BrightRock product guide or your BrightRock proposal form.

Claiming for your loss of licence


Depending on what you bought, you can claim for an illness or injury that is temporary, permanent or that causes your death.


For an illness or injury that is temporary we will accept the medical from the SACAA that proves that you’ve been temporarily grounded. Your doctor will not be required to complete a BrightRock Sick Note.


To claim for an illness or injury that is permanent under one of our income-related needs or debt needs, the BrightRock claims definitions will be used to assess your claim. If you fail a Personal Job Fitness Test for our Permanent and Permanent Plus options as result of some underlying medical issue you will qualify for a valid claim. Failure to pass your medical examination from the SACAA will qualify as our Personal Job Fitness Test.

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