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Issue 11-37
Inspiring Continuous  Improvement


The new companies act was implemented, the SARS tax season has started and the new Consumer protection act is starting to take affect on some of the county's leading cellphone providers.

There are more and more division on the political scene. Current we have an extremely high rate of unemployment an poverty in the country. Currently many people have to scrape by on as little as R15.00 per day. Just think for a moment if it was you in that position, what would your prioritise look like? All race groups in the country is affected by the recession of the last three years. Many of our colleagues have lost their jobs and is currently scraping by. More and more people are streaming to our cities since 2008. This will become a ticking time bomb if we are not going to encourage growth and employment.
We have growing informal settlements in all our cities. This is just going to increase. We need to make provision for these growing number of people.
Another big concern is the aging of our population. In SA people are retiring earlier to make room for the younger generation. These early retirees can not afford to retire. They need to continue to work for as long as their health will allow. They will not have enough money to last for the number of years after retirement. We currently have one of the world's lowest average retirement ages in the world namely 51. This might be the impact of affirmative action legislation forcing people over the age of fifty to go into early retirement.
Have a great week, and may all your plans materialise.

Wynand Louw
AFS Informer

tn_managing_trauma_relief_voorbladManaining Traumatised Employees

½day Workshop

Tuesday 20 September 2011

08h30 for 09h00 to 13h00

Venue: The Willows Country Lodge, Lynnwood Rd, The Willows, Pretoria


Presented by Aquilla Advisors, the wellness specialists, offering trauma relief to corporate companies and SMME’s.

Are you a manager or business owner who deal with employees and colleagues who are affected by the traumatic realities of our time? Do you struggle to find the balance between sympathy and practical support, without creating a future nightmare? Do you want to assist your employees, without creating sticky presidents that can haunt you in future?  Read More

  Does your Medical Scheme have Co-payments?
GAP Cover

Are you aware that some doctors charge in excess of the Medical Aid Rate? Have you checked what rate your medical aid pays, assuming that the difference cannot be that bad? We have seen claims of up to R 50 000!

Need a solution?

Gap Cover is a short-term insurance stated benefit product that covers the difference between the medical aid rate and private rates charged by doctors or specialists for in-hospital treatment. Gap cover will settle up to a total of 500% of the Medical Aid Rate.  Read More


Co-Pay Cover

CoPay Cover is a short-term insurance stated benefit product that will cover your co-payments for in-hospital procedures, as well as MRI, CT and Ultrasound scans (excluding hospital admissions fees). Co-payments are excesses imposed in terms of the rules of the medical scheme that the principal member belongs to.


An incident limit of R8000.00 will apply per claim.


This means that your co-payment will be covered in full, up to a maximum amount of R8000.00 per insured per incident. Utilisation per beneficiary is limited to no more than three claims per year and an overall limit of R50 000.00 per family per annum applies.


CoPay Cover has a premium of R85 per month for a family of five. Read More


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This bi weekly or monthly publication is issued by Aquilla Advisors cc (Specialising in Business Solutions to SMME's in all the various aspects of business) and Aquilla Financial Solutions cc (Specialising in Financial Services Advice and Intermediary Services).

It contains information useful to business owners, business advisors  and managers, NGO's, Schools, Churches etc.

We have a volunteer NGO network with affiliation benefits for professionals, students and organisations. To learn more about the network or to join and enjoy the benefits the network provides, visit Inter Trauma Nexus at www.itn.org.za.

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