Step 5:

  1. Make sure you become a star “at work”:
    1. Do not be unwise. I am not talking about intelligence, but if you have an attitude that the company is going down anyway and you will lose your job, guess what, that is exactly what will happen.
    2. Improve your skills. Take online computer class or graphic design or even do a qualification that you have been putting off for a long time. Become more valuable to your company and more appealing to new prospective employers.
    3. Cross train. Spend more time to learn more than just one thing. If there is retrenchments, fewer people will have to do more work. If you have more diverse skills compared to your fellow workers, you stand a better change of retaining your job.
    4. Say “yes” for more things. The more engrained you are in the organisation, and the more involved you are in various projects, the harder it will be to get rid of you.
    5. Become visible. Write memos and emails. Come up with cost-cutting suggestions, give workshops or taring or information sessions. Show your face as best possible from your new “at-home office”. In larger companies you do not want to be just a name on a piece of paper, you want to be a face that makes a difference and add value.
    6. Be positive. You have more than enough reason to be negative, but that will not help you at all. It is unfair that you have to do three peoples work, but remain positive at least you have a work.
    7. Work harder and longer. Tough times call for sacrifices, so start earlier and work a little later, especially if working from home, since you do not have to travel.
    8. Keep a routine. Make sure that you keep your work routine and commitments. Have a to-do-list and keep on answering your emails like you would have at the office. Still have your tea, lunch and bathroom break.


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