Time is the second most valuable resource after yourself. Each of us have 24 hours a day, and on average you work say 8 hours helping to fund your lifestyle. You sleep maybe another 8 providing the body to and mind a chance to rest. That leaves a third of your time unaccounted for. These 16 hours will normally just keep you wherever you currently are. What do you currently do with the rest, watching TV or laying around the house?

Use this free time to your advantage, since you do not have to travel anywhere, you can use that time for work or spend it on yourself. How you spend this time is up to you, but it can change your future if you decide that.

Do something that will improve your life, like writing a blog, read a book, learn a new language, create an application, design a new clothing line, build a business, network with a colleague, bond with your family, write an article, freelance, draw, invent or volunteer, it is all up to you to decide.

  • Set some goals
  • Find the actions that matches your goal
  • Start creating new habits to incorporate these new ideas in your life.
  • Make sure you do not take on to many things in order for you to be able to continue with it after you return to work.


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