To build valuable networks takes time, effort, patience and commitment. The difference means having a business or employment after the lockdown. Networks build new friendships, new clients and increase your visibility in your current circles.

  • Do not hide in your “office”, make contact with people who will add value and find out how they are doing.
  • Find new networking opportunities. Use your webinar chat to add value that will contribute to your growth and your business.
  • Utilise social networks, not to chitchat, but to constructively and deliberately build your brand and your business.
  • If you and your brand are not visible now, you will lose out big time. Be upfront in the mind of the client, empathise with the people you have contact with, find out how they are doing.
  • Nobody can market yourself as well as you do.

Focus on the person and not the business you want to get from or do with them


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